News April 2011

April 19th 2011.-

   One of our main objectives in the group is to break the routine. We promote awareness and that also means changes for good and connection to the moment and conditions.

We are adapting our activities to our reality. For now we will be hosting meditations for people that feel like relaxing and introducing themselves into contemplation after a physical activity. We would be doing this at the river bank in sporadic meetings in the evenings. Everybody can participate in their own location or joining us in a quiet place at the river bank.

I think we were all missing the spring and sunlight. We can't waste this beautiful time of the year being indoors.

I will be posting and coordinating this activity in the next few days.

   Call for information about location:

   262-2497 or 244-4974 or Email us:

   You also can find us on Facebook. You just need to search for the group "Meditation Saskatoon - Golden Bird" and you can join us there.

   Our website:

   Please notice that the structure of the meetings allow everybody to participate. For that, there is an specific time where everybody share their thoughts, ideas, suggestions, experiences, etc. In that way we are avoiding interruptions that can extend the limited time we have for the meetings. Please consider that everybody needs to share too.

   We only request to come and participate without prejudices. The topics are to intend to avoid any kind of religion or political points of view. Some of the information needs to be discussed and reviewed to maintain neutralism.

   This is the structure of the meetings:

   20 minutes of Meditation and practice

   10 minutes Discussion

See you soon.